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Canine Assistance Service Dogs

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100 Fox Trail Lane
Vass, North Carolina 28394


Contact Person:
Carol Minker

Canine Assistance Services Dogs
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Canine Assistance Services Dogs - Welcome
Canine Assistance Service Dogs, LLC. is a foundation dedicated to training Service Dogs to give Freedom, Dignity, and Independence to those who have difficulty with physical disabilities. Training is done concerning disabilities. Mobility Issues - CIDP, Celiac Disease, Cerebral Palsy, Downs Syndrome. MS - Multiple Sclerosis, Hearing Impaired. Diabetes - High / Low Blood Sugar. Suffer from PTSD - Post-Tramatic Stress Disorder.

If you have a disability to perform major life task such as standing, walking, suffer from PTSD, Diabetes, you are eligible to have a service dog under ADA laws. A service dog is not considered a pet. It is required for daily functions. Our service dogs are trained to customize to your individual needs. Often a person has one or more issues concerning their disability. Our foundation, at this time, has 3 trainers and breeders on our staff, and our qualified professional trainers, have thirty years' experience each.

Canine Assistance Services Dogs - Trainers & Breeders
Our trainers have learned skills that have been an amazing asset to understanding dog behavior and how dogs learn.

You need experience in scent work to train dogs to alert to medical issues. This is paramount and not easily done. It takes real working experience in the field. Puppy evaluation necessary for consistent results.

Our knowledgeable breeding program eliminates problems with extensive testing, X-rays, and going back generations to have proven results. Excellent breeding to insure temperament and training ability. All of which is necessary for sociably and physical strength.

Fernando Fernandez
Fernando Fernandez is a retired FBI Special Agent and former K9 Handler with over 30 Years of experience. He has trained and handled Narcotics Detection/Police Patrol/Cadaver and Service Dogs. Special Agent Fernandez and his K9 Gerry were deployed to the Pentagon following 9/11 attack. He has been associated with Green Collar K9 training since his retirement from the FBI.

Rick Ball
Capt. R.D. Ball, Ret SPI 95; FBINA 209; Qualified Expert in state and federal court regarding police service dog applications. Former handler, trainer, and USPCA judge. Forty years’ experience in breeding and training working service dogs.

Paul & Beth Swink
We are dedicated to providing healthy puppies with a confident temperament and high drive. Our puppies have the ability for canine assistance work, exceptional family companions. They have the potential for police K9 work, search and rescue, scent detection.

Dr. Teresa L. Turner
Dr. Turner BS PharmD Specialist in puppy evaluation and development.

Pat Ransone
Pat Ransone breeder of excellent quality Labrador Retrievers, former Vet Tech with 30 years of experience in training working service dogs with Triad Canine Training, Inc. and Green Collar K9 Development, Inc.

Carol Minker, APDT
Breeder and Trainer. Bred Labrador Retrievers for 28 years. Owner of Timber Ridge Stables and Kennels, LLC. Carol has work with Law Enforcement scent detection work. Disability Work. Associated with Thorncroft Therapeutic Riding. Puppy raiser for The Seeing Eye, Inc. Gave puppy raisers training classes for the Seeing Eye.

Carol has taught Obedience Training classes for 25 years. Since 2011 has trained Assistance Service dogs for the disabled. Carol herself, now has a disability due to CIDP. It involves, mobility, dropping objects, diabetes. Her dog has been an amazing help. She would like to pass on this wonderful companionship and best friend to others.

Mary Minker
Mary is a retired teacher and educational diagnostician with a masters in special education. Her focus will be integrating clients having special needs and a canine partner with the public school environment.

Canine Assistance Services Dogs - Apply
Our organization breeds German Shepherds and Labrador Retrievers. Our experience has shown us that is better to have a long standing breeding program with a history of solid hips, elbow, eyes, and heart, tested to insure that they are not carriers of genetic problems. We feel this insures longevity.

It takes a long time to train dogs to this degree, and we try, with knowledgeable qualified Veterinarians and lab testing, to provide a dog with years of service. After an initial interview by staff, the applicant will need a written approval from their Doctor in order for us to proceed.

We also want to be assured that the applicant will return every 6 weeks initially, for a weekend, so we can be confident that the service dog has continued his follow up training, and for us to give support, refresher for the dog, and helpful hints to applicants. A Studio Apartment will be available if needed.

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