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The Turtle Club Restaurant

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9225 Gulf Shore Blvd. N
Naples, Florida 34108


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The Turtle Club Restaurant - Welcome
Fine dining in Naples Florida on the beach!
Enjoy the natural beauty of beachside dining and the warmth of our gracious and knowledgeable staff.

Step into a world of gracious hospitality and experience the warmth and generosity of our outstanding staff. Casual elegance is re-defined as you relax at an outdoor table and slip your shoes off to feel the sand between your toes and watch the sun set over the horizon at the end of the day. Our comfortable indoor dining room is reminiscent of a close friend’s beach house. We are committed to providing you with life’s simple but forgotten pleasures – beautiful views, excellent service, outstanding wines, and delicious food. As you gaze out into the Gulf of Mexico and listen to the hushed voices and tinkling of glasses, your concerns will simply fade away. This is where you belong. Come and see for yourself!

The Turtle Club Restaurant - Food
Our cuisine is the perfect compliment to our spectacularly beautiful beachfront setting. Enjoy fresh locally sourced seafood from the Gulf of Mexico, a highlight of our Gracious Coastal Cuisine, or try our steaks and chops which are hand selected and aged to our specifications. These premium center of the plate cuts are sourced from Sterling Silver and “Brant Family Farms” all natural beef. The right seasoning and time on our special oak fired grill make these steaks memorable. Our caring approach to food and our sincere passion to serve combine to deliver what we call “gracious hospitality."
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The Turtle Club Restaurant - Wine

The selection and pairing of wines with food is an art and we are passionate about providing our guests with a true wine experience. We have outstanding selections for everyone – the beginning wine enthusiast and the seasoned oenologist. Choose a bottle that is an old friend, or be adventurous by taking the advice of our knowledgeable staff and selecting a new upstart.
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The Turtle Club Restaurant - About Us
When Peter Tierney and Michael Moore opened the Turtle Club in 1999 on the grounds of the Vanderbilt Beach Resort, they completely changed the landscape of waterfront dining in Naples.

Focusing on fresh seafood and fine steaks and chops served in a spectacular beachfront setting, the restaurant quickly became a favorite “secret spot” for local Neapolitans.  No longer did exclusive national hotels or private clubs dominate fine waterfront dining.  

The secret has been out for some time now, and the restaurant has consistently been voted the area’s top restaurant for waterfront dining.  With a focus on casually elegant fine dining, hospitable and caring staff, outstanding food and wine, and excellent value, the Turtle Club continues to win rave reviews from both loyal locals and out-of-state newcomers.

Our Philosophy is simple!
Windward Hospitality believes in preserving & promoting gracious hospitality in all of its enterprises. In an increasingly frantic, bustling and uncaring world, we at Windward Hospitality seek to create opportunities for our guests to enjoy authentic relaxed culinary and sensory experiences and positive caring human interactions that nurture the soul. We respect the tradition of Old Florida yet embrace positive creativity and flexibility. We believe in promoting and celebrating our passions, enjoying life, and helping our guests do the same.  We are in the magical business of creating happy memories that will last a lifetime. Through it all, we try to remember to laugh and enjoy each day.  We know that we are in the best business in the world, and we hope that our passion for excellence shows!

Turtle Club Restaurant - "Turtle Tradition"
It’s a natural phenomenon and it happens every year as it has for hundreds of years. Driven by history and a deep rooted instinct that we will never fully understand, hundreds of graceful and gentle sea turtles return to their birthplace on the beach to bear their own offspring and continue the cycle of life. For many years we have watched this beautiful event unfold right in front of our eyes on Vanderbilt Beach. It was from this experience and a lucky find that our own journey began and The Turtle Club was created.

On a cool fall morning in the early 1960's, a huge male Loggerhead sea turtle ended his life journey and came to rest on the beach in front of our hotel, The Vanderbilt Beach Resort. His enormous shell was found by the Resort’s resident manager and eventually given to the Moore Family by the previous owner as a keepsake from the past.

In 1997, Michael Moore & Peter Tierney were conceptualizing about the beachfront restaurant that they were planning on opening when they rediscovered the old shell that had been stored away for years. Inspired by the shell, and by the beautiful sea turtles that continue to nest on Vanderbilt Beach every year, they decided to name the restaurant, “The Turtle Club.”

It is believed that some sea turtles have lived for well over 150 years, and we hope to match their longevity. In order to achieve longevity in the restaurant business you need tradition and instinct, two attributes that we share with the sea turtles that nest on our beach. Our goal at the Turtle Club is a simple one. We want you to return to us every year, just like the sea turtle, and we strive to provide you with a positive dining experience that you, your family and your friends can count on during each of your visits with us. We not only want to be a great restaurant, we want to be part of your fondest and best memories, and to become a tradition in your family.

The Turtle Club Restaurant - "Turtle Vision"
From the moment that you walk into the beachfront restaurant we want you to feel that you are welcome and that you are among friends. While we enjoy many compliments on our outstanding food and wine, we are proudest of the fact that many of our customers have stated that they had never been treated more graciously and warmly during their dining experience.

Our menu reflects our focus on a gracious and relaxing dining experience. Our core menu consists of dishes that incorporate the best of the variety of seafood that is available from our local waters in the Gulf of Mexico, along with the finest beef and poultry. In addition to the sauces, glazes and spices that we use to create unique gourmet menu items, we always give our customers the option of having their food prepared in a simple fashion using only the natural flavor of these menu selections. Our special menu is created weekly by our Executive Chef, Tony Newton, and consists of unique dishes that incorporate seasonal or hard to acquire seafood, beef and poultry. With each meal, we always provide a salad and number of side dishes to accompany each main entrée.

We have sought to create a wine list that satisfies those new to wine as well as the most discriminating wine drinkers. We believe that wine truly compliments a meal and have sought to educate all of our servers about our wines so that they may provide advice and guidance to our guests.

We believe that fine dining is best experienced in a relaxed atmosphere where our guests can enjoy our idyllic natural surroundings, excellent food and wine, and warm and gracious service. Please come dine with us soon and see if you share our, “Turtle Vision.”

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