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Beach Etiquette

Beach Etiquette

The beaches of Collier County and the City of Naples are some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and it’s not just by coincidence. Many resources are constantly devoted in order to maintain the beaches that all of us enjoy, and we can all play a part in maintaining this high standard of excellence.

As the population of Naples continues to grow, and the number of visitors to the area increases, so to does the amount of litter that can be found on the beaches. When you are preparing to leave the beach, and are gathering up all your belongings, please do not leave your trash behind. There are plenty of trash disposal containers located at every beach to accommodate you. The simple act of disposing your trash properly can go a long way towards protecting the fine beaches of Naples, Florida.

Naples, Florida beaches do not permit glass containers, the consumption of alcoholic beverages, pets, bicycles, motorized vehicles or scooters, and littering. The City and County do have beach patrol officers monitoring the Naples, Florida beaches, and they will ticket you for violation of these rules.

Stingray Shuffle
Getting stung by a stingray is a really painful experience, and though its not full proof, the Stingray Shuffle can help you to avoid this unpleasant experience. The Stingray Shuffle is accomplished by shuffling your feet slowly through the sand once you have stepped into the water. In doing so, you will be sending out a series of vibrations that warn a stingray of your presence, and provide it the opportunity to move out of your way.

If you do get stung by a stingray, wash the wound with cold salt water, using a washcloth. Then remove any bit of the fish or its spine from the wound because it will continue releasing poison. Soak the wound in very hot water (approximately 105° F) for 30 to 90 minutes. The venom from stingrays and many other poisonous fish breaks down in hot water, so the pain should ease significantly. You don't usually receive antibiotics for a ray sting, but you would want to apply an antiseptic like Neosporin.

Though rare, some people may develop a severe allergic reaction if stung by a stingray, so it’s always a good idea to seek immediate medical assistance.

The peak stingray season for the Naples Florida area is May thru October.

Beach Watch
Even though you are solely responsible for your own possessions when visiting any of the Naples, Florida beaches, it’s always a great idea to make acquaintances with your “beach neighbors”. In doing so, you have will have another set of eyes watching your belongings in case you decide to go for a swim, take a walk, or throw a Frisbee. As we hope it goes without saying, use your own discretion as to whom you entrust to watch your belongings.

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