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Family Birth Center of Naples

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2930 Immokalee Road
Suite B
Naples, Florida 34110


Contact Person:
Dawn Rachman

Mon. 9am-5pm
Wed. 9am-5pm
Fri. 9am-  5pm

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Family Birth Center of Naples - Welcome
Serving Families Since 1998
With our easy to reach location in Naples, the family birth center is the only free standing birthing facility serving Collier County.

Dawn Rachman, LM, CPM
Dawn started her road to midwifery after having her first child.  She had researched the effects of birth trauma to newborns while taking psychology classes.  After earning her degree in psychology at Wright State University she became a doula providing labor support to women wanting natural birth.  This led her to Florida where she enrolled in a direct-entry midwifery program, Manna School of Midwifery and Health Sciences.  She fulfilled her clinical experience mostly in birth centers, in Jamaica and Guatamala, and attending homebirths. This allowed her to see birth as it should be, in an intimate peaceful environment. Upon graduation from her program she started a small homebirth practice in southwest Florida, and then began working as a staff midwife at The Family Birth Centers (Naples & Ft. Myers).  She was quickly promoted to Clinical Director of both facilities.  In March of 2005 she took over The Family Birth Center of Naples and is now the owner and Director.  Dawn has three children, all boys, two born out-of-hospital.  She is also studying homeopathy at Florida Academy of Classical Homeopathy, hoping to eventually add this amazing modality of holistic healthcare into her existing practice.  Dawn is living her dream providing holistic care to women and empowering families through their births everyday. Meet the entire staff - click here

Family Birth Center of Naples - Services
Our Philosophy
We Believe that caring for your health during pregnancy is key to a healthy baby and to the birth experience you desire.  Our Midwives offer careful guidance and information to help you achieve optimal health for you and your baby.  We work together including you in every decision-making process to insure the best possible outcome.  We will present every option and all of its alternatives.  We will always address your fears and concerns. 

We believe that pregnancy and birth is a normal natural occurence rather than an illness.  Our policy is one of non-intervention and watchful guidance in the normal process of pregnancy and birth.  This is not only the most natural way, but the safest way to approach birth.  We will also trained to recognize, and equipped to handle complications that could occur, and will determine if transfer to the proper medical practitioner/facility is warranted.

We will work with you to achieve the overall experience you are looking for, and strive to empower women and their families through this special time!

Our Services Include
- Complete Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Care
- Birth Center & Waterbirth Deliveries
- Laboratory, Ultrasound, & other Necessary Diagnostic Screenings
- In-Home Postpartum Nursing Care & Lactation Home Visits
- Nutrition & Exercise Counseling
- Preconception Counseling
- Comprehensive Pregnancy, Childbirth, Breastfeeding, Nutrition 
- Parent & InfantMassage Classes 
- Complete Well-Woman & Gynecological Care with an Experienced ARNP
Prenatal Care
All prenatal care is provided by our highly qualified midwives within our birth center.  You will have regularly scheduled appointments throughout your pregnancy, with ample time for questions and to address all of your concerns with the midwife.  Our comprehensive holistic-based care has an emphasis on diet, nutrition and exercise for a preventative approach to your health and well-being.  In addition to any necessary labwork, you have a basic exam at each appointment to assess you and your baby's health.

Birth Services
Our birth services offer you an alternative option to birthing in the hospital. Our midwives will be available to you throughout your labor and delivery.  We encourage hydrotherapy (submersion into water during labor), and are specialists in waterbirth.  We allow eating and drinking during labor, will have you wear your own clothing during labor, and you may bring your close family and friends to participate if you like.  Our policy is one of non-intervention, unless intervention is necessary and jointly decided between parents and the midwife.  It is the primary goal of our midwives to support and guide you through your labor, and give you and your family the control you deserve during this momentous occasion.

Postpartum Services
We have an extensive postpartum follow-up program at the birth center.  After your 4-12 hour stay after delivery you will have two home visits with our staff nurse within the first week.  Our nurse and the midwife will provide you with the information and support needed for a quick recovery and successful breastfeeding.  We will also provide you with a referral to a lactation consultant or other services if needed.  You will then have a two-week and an eight-week office visit with the midwife for final postpartum evaluation.

Other Services
The Family Birth Center of Naples also offers various other services as mentioned above.  If you are interested in any other services, please call for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Family Birth Center of Naples - Testimonials
The Family Birth Center of Naples is a great place to have a baby!  The prenatal care, as well as the childbirth classes, helped us prepare our bodies and our minds for the natural birth of our child.  The friendliness of the staff, and the comfort of the facility, made us feel at ease and at home.  Most importantly, the center’s philosophy empowered us to take control of our own birth experience.  With their support and care, we were able to give birth in the water to our beautiful baby boy, without medication or intervention, just as we had hoped.

Holly, Mark, & Baby Sky             
Sky Gibson Caudill
7 lbs. 10 oz.

The Family Birth Center of Naples is enveloped in a friendly and family oriented atmosphere.  Every time I went in for an appointment it was as if I was paying a visit to good friends.  The care was very thorough.  Not only were my physical needs addressed, but emotional needs as well.  I felt so comfortable with my ability to give birth naturally, with all my fears put at ease, my husband and I chose to give birth at home, with Dawn attending.  Of my three children, my youngest was by far the most peaceful birth experience I have encountered yet.  There in the comfort and quiet of my own home, alone with my husband and Dawn, my baby girl was welcomed into a world of love, soft music, and no harsh lights.  Instead of the usual hustle-bustle that precedes and follows a hospital birth, there was peace.  All of this happened within the two hours and twenty-two minutes of labor (shorter labors are also a benefit of out-of-hospital birth!).  We plan to have more children, and without a doubt, when the time comes, I will be returning to The Family Birth Center of Naples.

Michelle, Trent, & Baby Nichole
Nichole-Marie Therese Hillaert
9 lbs. 5 oz.

I can’t say enough wonderful things about The Family Birth Center of Naples and the staff!  I had the most amazing experience from beginning to end.  I was extremely comfortable and relaxed with the surroundings and the staff there.  I felt very well prepared because of all of the information provided to me by the midwives and the childbirth instructor in childbirth classes.  The postpartum home-visits after I had my baby were very helpful as well.  The natural birth of my first baby was an experience I can look back on fondly.  We will be back for the next baby, and hopefully for years to come!

Melanie, Shane, & Baby Tate
Tate Michael Reilly
9 lbs. 10 oz.

The Family Birth Center of Naples and all of their staff allowed me and my family to follow our birth plan and make informed decisions along the way.  We felt encouraged and confident when I went into labor.  What an amazing experience Dawn and the birth assistant made my labor and delivery.  We had our beautiful baby girl in a serene environment with close family members present.  We will be doing all of our family planning with The Family Birth Center of Naples!

Tiel, Mike, & Baby McKnight

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